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4 Essential Soft Skills to Present at Workplace!

Soft skills are a set of skills that are applicable in dealing with people. Soft skills relate with emotional intelligence of humans which they use to identify and understand feelings and emotions of others and react to it. Along with hard skills, which are professional skills of an individual, soft skills play an important in the context of professional life. In fact, employers are in search of professionals with excellent soft skills and prefer them over other available candidates. In professional life, soft skills focus on our ability to manage with other coworkers and how to deal with t

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5 Effective Ways Students Can Better Manage Their Internship And College Life!

Internships are on-job-training methods based on both paid and non-paid programs. An internship program is aimed to provide real-time exposure to college students who are pursuing a bachelor’s degree. Internships offer opportunity to the students to gain first-hand experience of their respective area of field. With a hands-on work-experience, students are more likely to be employed in their targeted industries. In fact, many organizations prefer the interns who are trained under their staff and induct them when they complete their studies. However, it is equally important that your in

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Applying At A Law School: 6 Essential Things You Need To Know

The idea of getting admission into a law school of your choice seems quite overwhelming at first. Before applying you need to be well-prepared for it. You have to evaluate yourself thoroughly before you decide to become a lawyer. You will have to prepare yourself to handle the stress of this demanding career. There are many other things that you have to consider when you decide to opt for this profession. Some of the essential ones are mentioned below: i. Maintain Your LSAT Scores For getting admission into the law school of your choice, you need to focus on you LSAT scores. The most imp

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Report Shows Grandparents Are Willing To Contribute Financially To Cover Their Family’s Education Costs

According to a recent survey conducted by the International Longevity Centre based in UK, grandparents are willing to help out their family with the expenses of higher education. The survey shows that at present, almost 3% of grandparents are contributing financially to the education of their grand children. And in future, it is estimated that almost 13% grandparents expect to help their family to pay university fees in the next 10 years. Because of this, many charities are afraid of the fact that an increased university fee is putting a heavy burden on the elderly family members. Interview

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Practicing Office Etiquette: 4 Useful Tips That Every New Grad Must Follow

In order to succeed in today’s business environment, you need to have a vital skill known as etiquette (or good manners). For fresh graduates or for those entering the workplace for the first time, office etiquette may seem quite overwhelming at first. But it can be learned by following a few basic rules at the workplace. By following these rules, we can easily distinguish ourselves at work. Given below are few of the office etiquette tips that fresh graduates need to follow in common work situations: 1. Make A Professional E-Mail Address Having a professional and identifiable e-mail a

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The 7 Most Common Types Of Information Sources For Creating A Winning Research Paper

Nowadays, with so many sources of information at their fingertips, students find it hard to decide from where they should start searching for their research paper. Let’s have a look at some of the most common types of information sources that you can use in supporting the arguments of the research paper: i. Textbooks Books are one of the most common sources of information. They include a variety of topics from which you can take help for your research. Although you can easily find a book or a chapter of a particular book related to your research topic, the information contained in it m

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