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Practicing Office Etiquette: 4 Useful Tips That Every New Grad Must Follow

office-etiquetteIn order to succeed in today’s business environment, you need to have a vital skill known as etiquette (or good manners). For fresh graduates or for those entering the workplace for the first time, office etiquette may seem quite overwhelming at first. But it can be learned by following a few basic rules at the workplace. By following these rules, we can easily distinguish ourselves at work. Given below are few of the office etiquette tips that fresh graduates need to follow in common work situations:

1. Make A Professional E-Mail Address

Having a professional and identifiable e-mail address is essential when working in an organization. Most fresh graduates do not know this and they use their own personal e-mail for business or office use. When creating an e-mail at your office, make sure to include a proper subject line. Also include your signature at the bottom with along with your full name, your business title/designation, and the company name. Focus on your grammar and punctuation as well.

2. Respect Your Co-Workers

Whenever somebody meets you for the first time, they make instant judgments about you within the first 15 seconds of the meeting. When talking about the workplace, make sure to always smile when you meet your colleagues. Always shake hands firmly to let the other person know that you’re happy to meet him. Also, try repeating his name back in your conversation so that you can remember it. This also shows respect towards the other person.

3. Avoid Social Networking

Another thing that fresh graduates should keep in mind is to avoid social networking in the workplace. Usually individuals who are new to the workplace often tag their friends in unprofessional pictures and comments. Some also get too personal on these websites and use inappropriate expressions for their managers or the job. This causes them to lose their jobs right away, since now all employers and legal authorities use social media to learn more about their business partners, and about their existing and potential employees.

4. Embrace Good Cell Phone Manners

Keeping a cell phone is a must for today’s youngsters. But you need to take great care when you being working somewhere for the very first time. Remember that you’re a grownup now, so your ringtone should also sound mature and professional. Make sure never to attend a call in a meeting unless it’s urgent. Also avoid continuous messaging during your work, as this can be extremely distracting.

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