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The 7 Most Common Types Of Information Sources For Creating A Winning Research Paper

types-of-information-sourcesNowadays, with so many sources of information at their fingertips, students find it hard to decide from where they should start searching for their research paper. Let’s have a look at some of the most common types of information sources that you can use in supporting the arguments of the research paper:

i. Textbooks

Books are one of the most common sources of information. They include a variety of topics from which you can take help for your research. Although you can easily find a book or a chapter of a particular book related to your research topic, the information contained in it might be outdated. Since books take a lot of time to get published, they usually do not contain most recent facts and figures that can be found in other sources.

ii. Newspapers And Magazines

Newspapers are the best source if you want to access up-to-date information for your research. They cover all the latest events, trends and happenings around the world. They do not however include information about “larger” trends.

iii. Academic Websites

Academic websites are another source of excellent and reliable information. These include websites of various colleges and universities that provide information on latest research findings and current research trends. Many popular university websites also issue newsletters that help students discover areas that haven’t been explored before.

iv. Government Websites

Government websites are a great source if you want to find out information about demographics of a certain area, or information related to legal and business matters. Since these websites contain information for the benefit of the general public, there’s no doubt that they aren’t authentic.

v. Websites of Non-Profit Organizations

These are also great sources of information. If you want to access information from a non-profit organization’s website, you should first read the posts on the site to check the quality and verify the sources. Also see from how long the organization has been in existence. If you find that the articles and posts on the website have errors or pointless claims, then it means that the site isn’t authentic.

vi. Blogs

Blogs are one of the most recent developments in web technology and are one of the best types of interactive journals where writers/bloggers post their articles and readers provide feedback. Nowadays, there are a variety of blogs of many prestigious journalists, researchers and influential public figures that provide valuable information to people.

vii. Online Journals

Now many scientific journals are available online that are free of cost. A good example is where you can find a list of wide variety of articles and journals at your fingertips. You can also download abstracts or complete research papers to add up to your references. Online journals are the best source to find the most recent information and research in the industry, business and the academic world.

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